Welcome to my blog!

My name is Vishal Vinjapuri, and I am a student at DVHS. I am very passionate about technology and security. Some of my other hobbies include coding Android apps and playing tennis. I am also currently a Boy Scout. This blog will be dedicated to cybersecurity and other things such as exploits and viruses. I will be posting once a week on a current threat or hack that I find interesting or valuable to share with others. My mission is to make people aware of cyberattacks and help them with tips to protect themselves. I want to help them specifically increase their  personal information security and fortifying their home networks. Both of which are very vulnerable to attack. I am starting a volunteer organization, KSRCS (Keep SanRamon Cyber Secure), designed to evaluate your home network and your internet living behavior and help you fix any holes in security you may have.

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