Best Root Apps

Once you get your phone rooted, you may wonder what apps would be best to install first. Many of these apps can make your phone experience better or more customized.

The first app is Substratum. It is a theme engine for stock AOSP roms. It is very powerful and can theme your whole device to make it feel completely different. It uses OMS (Overlay Manager Service) to change everything.

It works very well and can theme the whole Android System UI as well as a majority of popular apps. Above you can see the all black themed Settings app.

Another great app is Titanium Backup. With this app, you can make full backups of all your apps and their data. This way, you can seamlessly transfer your data from one ROM to another. It is also helpful in case you lose any data. Since it is a root app, it can do many things such as batch backup and an restore with no user interaction.

You can see the list of apps it has, the options for each individual app, and batch actions that you can schedule at different times.

The last app is very powerful and goes by the name of Kernel Auditor. This app provides control over device hardware, such as CPU/GPU clock speed, sensor input control, and underclocking.

Changing these settings can be very dangerous however, so you should only install the app if you know what they do. If used right, it can save battery and make your device smoother.

These are just 3 of the many great root apps that I would recommend, but there are many more useful ones that are out there for you to find.

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