SuperSU and Magisk

SuperSU is a superuser access management tool for rooted Android phones. You can learn more about rooting here. It is very powerful and can extend the functionality of your phone by giving you more power as the user.

SuperSU is an app developed by Chainfire and is responsible for granting or revoking root access to the apps on your phone. Many custom roms have their own in built root manager, and some work with apps like this.

To install it, you can either flash the .zip binary in recovery mode or install the app from the Play Store and update the binary through that. Both methods are fairly quick, but the app fails at times.

Once the installation completes, you can reboot your device and you can see that you can now grant apps root access with SuperSU.

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As you can see from the images above, there are multiple apps that have been granted access and there are logs which show requests. You can also temporarily disable root in order to trick an app.

Another more efficient way to hide root from apps that refuse to run if they detect it is Magisk.

This app patches the phone’s boot image and makes root undetectable by apps that block it.

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If it doesn’t work automatically, you can check apps that you want hide root from. It is very effective and easy to install, as all you need is an up to date Superuser binary and the Magisk .zip file which you can flash.

As you can see, both SuperSU and Magisk can elevate your Android experience and give you control that you didn’t have previously.

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