Turning on your computer with voice: Alexa and IFTTT

Amazon Alexa is a powerful voice assistant that is capable of connecting to services such as IFTTT, which allows you to “create chains of simple conditional statements”. This allows you to do many things by connecting your voice to various other web services. To turn on your PC however, you need a couple of things.

Once you get all of these, open the IFTTT app and enable this applet. You also need to connect your Amazon account by signing in.



After this, open the Wake on Lan app and add your device from the list, or enter the MAC and IP address manually.


Then, follow these steps to configure the router to be able to send magic packets to wake your computer: HowToGeek.

After that’s done, shut down your computer and test it through the Wake On Lan app. If it turns on, then you have done everything successfully and can proceed to the Tasker setup.

Once you open Tasker, you need to navigate to the Tasks panel and then click the plus button at the bottom. After naming it (Alexa WOL), you click the plus, Plugin and then Wake on Lan. Choose your computer from the list and then back out of the menu.


Swipe to the leftmost panel (Profiles),  and click the plus. From the list, choose Event, Phone, and then Received text. Enter the text: “PC is booting” and then leave the sender portion blank. Back out and then select a task for that to trigger.


Now go to the IFTTT app and set the text phrase to be “PC is booting” as we did earlier. It has to be exact, or it won’t work.


If all is correct, you can now go to your Alexa device, and say “Alexa, trigger pc on” and it should respond by saying “Sending that to IFTTT”. If your phone receives a message and your computer boots, you have successfully configured everything correctly.

Here is a video of it in action.

This is just one of the many useful functions of Alexa as well as IFTTT. You can check out many more applets and uses for voice commands to make your life easier and become more productive.


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