Lockheed Martin Codequest 2017

Recently, my friends and I went to Lockheed Martin to participate in a national coding competition called Codequest. It is open to all high school students and the main objective is to solve as many coding problems as you can within 2.5 hours. They provide you with a packet filled with about 15-20 problems with varying point values.

The team then needs to divide their time among all of them and if they are capable of completing the ones they choose. Another thing is that you have no access to the internet and are allowed only one book of information. You can code in either Java or Python, but a majority used Java.

Most of the problems are very logical and require a lot of math and basic programming such as using loops and splitting/parsing strings because the output has to be perfect with no errors. Even one spelling mistake can cause the PC2 program to give you an error. Due to this issue, we took too much time on one question trying to find the error. Eventually we did at the last minute, but we wasted many opportunities to get more points.

The judges have their own list of inputs and predicted outputs that they run against your program so you can’t hard code any of the program. Once you submit your program to run, you get an instant report on if it ran successfully or if you need to try again.

In the end, we managed to get two of our problems to run successfully, which got us 3rd place in the novice competition. Next year we hope to get 3rd in the Advanced division and to practice our skills more.


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