Converting an old laptop into a Chromebook

If you have an old laptop lying around that has become too slow to run the operating system it has, you can save it by installing a lightweight version of Chromium OS to breathe new life into it.

A company called Neverware has a version of Chromium OS called CloudReady and is integrated with the cloud for basically all functions. Many old Windows and Mac computers have more than enough power to run it as their specs often exceed that of currently sold Chromebooks.

Most computers are supported and you can check their list of known devices. If it doesn’t happen to be on there, it is often still supported but is not guaranteed to work.

Installation is very simple, all you need is a computer with the downloaded OS file from their site, Chrome, and a USB flash drive (8/16GB).


The utility will then prepare the drive and make it bootable for you. After this process is done, you need to plug the drive into the computer you want to convert and boot from it. The key to do this varies from computer to computer, so you may need to do a Google search before.

Once the computer starts up from the drive, you can select whether to install it by itself or dual boot with the current operating system installed. Dual-booting is not the best option but it is possible if your computer will support it.


Once it installs, which could take up to 20 minutes, you can set it up and use it.

By doing this, you can revive a slow computer and give it to someone or use it yourself for most common tasks. Watching videos, browsing websites and creating documents/spreadsheets are all fast and fluid with Chrome OS. I highly recommend everyone do this for their old machines so they do not go to waste or end up in landfills.

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