Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge: Kids Finalists

Recently, my friend Raj and I participated in an online contest held by Amazon and Devpost. The challenge they provided to over 2600 people that registered was to “Build an Alexa skill that educates, entertains, and engages kids under 13”.

The project we made was called planet.AR.y and it tied Augmented Reality + Alexa together. The iOS/Android application was built in C# through the Unity and Vuforia plugin libraries that allowed for image tracking. We had various back-end servers that would interface information between the phone and Alexa through HTTP GET requests.


Out of around 500 submissions, we were selected to be in the Top 20.

The Top 20 finalists win $5000 USD and get their skill promoted in the Alexa Skill Store.

The grand prize winner is selected from the 20 finalists and takes home $20,000 USD. Please download the app and skill, while also leaving positive feedback on the various pages.

Link to demo video:

Link to submission (more info):

Link to Amazon Skill (& for feedback):

Link to Play Store app:


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