Sunday Tech Byte: The new OnePlus 6T: McLaren Edition

On December 11th, OnePlus released their new phone, built in collaboration with McLaren, a well known sports car company. When compared to the regular 6T, it’s got a couple of advantages that make it worth the price. For the price of $699 USD, you get a phone with a Snapdragon 845, 10 GB of RAM, and their new Warp Charge technology. It also has a special carbon fiber finish with orange accented borders, which is a tribute to McLaren’s classic “Papaya Orange” color.

Bruce KV in Forum size.png

The unboxing experience of the phone also looks to be very premium and has a fine attention to detail. Included are a special braided USB C cable and wall adapter, both in a black and orange color combo. A small clear acrylic collector’s item is included, with a carbon fiber covered McLaren logo suspended in it.

Image result for mclaren 6t unboxing

All of this comes at a mere $699, which is priced below even regular editions of flagship phones, such as the iPhone XS and Pixel 3. For the performance you get at this cost, it’s a great purchase for anyone in the market for a new, well designed phone.

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